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Learn Real-World Machine Learning

The machine learning engineer is one of the top careers in the world but the barrier to entry is a rough one. I've created a platform devoted to helping people become machine learning engineers. That platform is called LogikBot.

The platform provides a clear cut path to attain a role as a machine learning engineer in the applied space. The word applied means the real-world.

Currently, there are 19 courses but you won't need to take all of them. The courses are carefully designed based on my job experience in the real-world. I've worked at Uber and created several courses for Microsoft's Data Science Certification track. Here are a few examples.

I've made the site affordable for everyone. It's only $20/month. However, this post is only available to my Udemy students and right now, you can use the coupon YouTube at checkout and get 3 months for only $10/month. This rate is only for my Udemy students. Upon checking out just type the word YouTube to get three months for $10/month.

That prices includes all the courses for my machine learning courses, the Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Track and the Google Certified Data Engineer Track.

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks you.



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