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Sample Interviewing Questions

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

The last hurdle to a career in applied machine learning is the technical interview, and it's a big one. Let's take a look at a few questions from my upcoming book (at the editors) titled Acing the Machine Learning Interview.

I'm going to throw out several questions from the book. The first question deals with the machine learning process or pipeline.

The book isn't solely a list of questions. For many topics, explanations and definitions will be included. In the sample below I'm defining data wrangling and discussing topics associated with that process.

Several questions will include code samples.

I include graphics when the concept is hard to visualize. For example, one-hot encoding can be hard to explain. However, once you see the concept visualized the ah-ha moment happens.

If you're really interested in learning applied machine learning then start here.

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