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The Data Analyst Role

There's a lot of confusion in this space on what a data analyst is and what they do. Let's clear that up.

A data analyst enables businesses to maximize the value of their data assets through visualization and reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI. Data analysts are responsible for profiling, cleaning, and transforming data.

Their responsibilities also include designing and building scalable and effective data models, and enabling and implementing the advanced analytics capabilities into reports for analysis.

A data analyst works with the pertinent stakeholders to identify appropriate and necessary data and reporting requirements, and then they are tasked with turning raw data into relevant and meaningful insights.

A data analyst is also responsible for the management of Power BI assets, including reports, dashboards, workspaces, and the underlying datasets that are used in the reports. They are tasked with implementing and configuring proper security procedures, in conjunction with stakeholder requirements, to ensure the safekeeping of all Power BI assets and their data.

Data analysts work with data engineers to determine and locate appropriate data sources that meet stakeholder requirements.

Additionally, data analysts work with the data engineer and database administrator to ensure that the analyst has proper access to the needed data sources. The data analyst also works with the data engineer to identify new processes or improve existing processes for collecting data for analysis.

Here’s some information on the data analyst role.

  1. A data analyst creates dashboard and KPI. They also create reports.

  2. There’s not a lot of coding involved. However, you will need to learn SQL.

  3. The future prospects are great. If you’re good, you’ll have job.

  4. It is an entry level role so the salaries aren’t as high as the data engineer or the machine learning engineer.

  5. It’s a great role to learn IT then move on to more technical roles.

  6. Data analyst often use a type of front end like Power BI or Tableau.

Now you know what a data analyst is. If you're interested in a career as a data analyst then start here. This platform has everything you need to learn applied data analytics and prepare you for a real-world job.

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